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General Terms and Conditions


To make your decisions on purchases easier and more comfortable we are continuously expanding the product range and increasing the amount of information on prices and availability of items in the B2B sales system (B2B On-line service for Nelro Data customers, providing up to date information on pricing, availability of products enabling direct orders. Access to this part of the system is possible after signing the Dealer Agreement and requires user registration).


In order to contact you, we use the data from „About the Dealer” form, annexed to the agreement. Please fill out this form precisely, and in particular provide the appropriate phone number and e-mail. As a result, you will receive more interesting information. Trade credit and deferred payment for entities that meet certain financial criteria, Nelro Data allows form of trade credit consisting of a deferred payment, the amount and term of the loan is determined individually. If interested, please read the terms and conditions for obtaining credit in Nelro Data.

Orders and deliveries

The contract may be made in writing, by telephone, mail or through the B2B system. An order placed through the B2B system is treated as a written order. Nelro Data will make every effort to sent orders that will flow before 3 p.m, on the same day (working days). According to the assurances of freight forwarders we will make an effort to ensure that the consignment was delivered until 5 p.m. the next working day after dispatch from Nelro Data (except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays).

The rules for calculating the cost of transport

The cost of transport is determined by the sum of the net worth of all invoices issued on the same day on the shipping address. If the sum is greater than 3000 PLN, the cost of transport will be covered by Nelro Data. However, if the sum is less than 3000 PLN, you will be charged by the transport costs, which will be added as an item on the invoice sales TRANSPORT.

The costs of transport:

  • up to 30kg – 15 PLN net
  • 30 – 50kg – 33 PLN net
  • Above 50kg – 125 PLN net


Returns may take place only after registration and approval of Nelro Data. Returns without the consent and confirmation will not be accepted.

Refunds to Nelro Data Costumers

After the previous compensation, in justified cases only, substantially confirmed by the Department of Settlements, refunds shall be made to the bank account confirmed in writing in accordance with the representation of an entity. This form of reimbursement of funds to the payee is preferred by Nelro Data.

Address of the warehouse and self-pick up 

Nelro Data SA – Warehouse, 43 Szyszkowa street, 02-285 Warszawa, tel. 22 380 41 97, e-mail Self-pick up of products directly from our warehouse is possible between 09:30 a.m – 16:30 p.m. During the merchendise pick up, a valid authorization signed by a representative of the company is required.

Warranty and post-warranty service

The service of the sold products is maintained at: Nelro Data S.A. – 43 Szyszkowa street, 02-285 Warszawa, tel. 22 380 41 97, e-mail Opening hours – 09:30 – 16:30.

Dealer agreement

Become our partner, fill out the registration form and download the contract in PDF.


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