Work with us as a producer

Nelro Data has been established due to an agreement between the best IT managers. The core of the team consists of people who specialize in business activities on a large scale. While creating a new brand on the market they focused on the uniqueness of the activities and a positive image of the company. Developed immaculate reputation resulted in a successive turnover increase, while the conscientiousness in the selection of business partners has minimized the risk of potential losses.The development of Nelro Data and its activities will satisfy the most demanding manufacturers’ expectations.

We can offer package of services to Vendors deciding on direct cooperation:

  • Sales to leading retail chain stores, mobile network operators, electronics stores, local ISPs, integrators;
  • Sales thrue B2B platform dedicated to business partners;
  • Cooperation with two own online stores with consumer and network products;
  • Warehouse, logistics and for end-customer after-sales support and professional service;
  • Marketing and PR activities individually consulted with Vendor.

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