Address: Nelro Data S.A. – Service, 43 Szyszkowa street, 02-285 Warsaw.

Contact: 22 380 42 36, e-mail

Service opening hours – 09:30 – 16:30.

Before reporting the matter to the site, please read the rules:

Notification by your complaint, constitutes acceptance of the above regulations

Complains Procedure

  1. In the event of a product defect, for which Nelro Data shall be liable under the warranty or guarantee, the Purchaser is obliged to make a complaint notification in Nelro Data.
  2. In order to effectively complaint is:
  3. Prior registration of the complaint by e-mail and getting authorization number
  4. Delivery of the product advertised to the location indicated in the text of the authorization. Authorization number should be placed on the outside of the package.
  5. Complaints addressed to Nelro Data can be supplied:
  6. Directly by the Buyer or a person authorized by him,
  7. Via the shipping company or freight forwarding company
  8. Via the Polish Post Office subject that Nelro Data will not accept parcels sent by Polish Post marked „Shipment Valued” (additional option available when transmitting shipments at the Polish Post).
  9. The buyer provides the advertised product to the place indicated in the text of the authorization at its own expense and risk, regardless of the number of previous complaints on this product.
  10. The product, notified to the complaint, should be delivered in original packaging or other packaging that provides protection substitute product during transport both from mechanical damage and electrostatic. Other rules for the provision, specific to a particular type of products are described on the obtained authorization. The buyer is obliged to read them and use them.
  11. After the complaint proceedings equipment will be returned to the address chosen by the Purchaser during the registration of the complaint. Except for the products that are delivered directly to Nelro Data Complaints Department, after which the collection should be reported to Nelro Data Complaints Department, received from the delivery of the document „Receipt acceptance of complaints.”
  12. Nelro Data reserves the right to refuse to accept the consignment of the commodity complaint when they show signs of mechanical damage.

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